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Winter Grain Vodka

Rich, luscious and smooth with creamy consistency.

It’s refreshingly mouth-filling with nutty undertones. With a perfectly balanced structure, this Vodka retains concentration and complexity. Smooth lingering finish & well-integrated congeners makes it an exceptional vodka. This Vodka adopts a typical full-bodied style and will please lovers of Vodka with generosity, weight and considerable depth of flavour.

The two main components of our Vodka; water & grain spirit were meticulously selected from local produce, based on their aromatic intensity, richness, structure.

Water was sourced from pristine Blue Mountains ranges in New South Wales which is specifically high in Zinc giving Ancient Wisdom Vodka its unique viscous silky taste.

While the wheat grain strain selected is explicitly grown in winter in the high moisture-storing capacity of the clay-based soils of southern Queensland, which plays a significant part in imparting a delicate earthy nose.

The vodka is then triple distilled before being gravity fed through Silver and heavily charred Oakwood to achieve the desired viscous mid-palate imparting a lingering earthy finish. But the real soul of this vodka lies in the unique union of water & spirit that took several months to develop.    

 – Ash Tosh ( Winemaker & Distiller )