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Single Barrel Whisky

Earthy, floral and nutty with a full-bodied malt flavour

Refined tannin structure gives this whisky great length, balance and persistence in flavour. Palate is rich & full-bodied with floral vanillin oak notes and hints of tobacco & sandalwood. With well-integrated Oak and perfectly mingled flavours, this Whisky will transform your palate to another world.


With the goal of creating the ultimate Whisky; we sourced our water from the pristine Blue Mountains ranges in New South Wales which is specifically high in Zinc & low in ferrous minerals giving its unique viscous silky taste. Whilst the wheat grain malt selected is explicitly grown in Australian winters which play a significant part in imparting a delicate earthy nose. 

Once distilled through two continuous stills, the whisky is then gravity fed dropwise through Silver & activated carbon columns which are an ancient filtering technique that incorporates a lingering earth finish to the Whisky. Maturation is then carried in used shiraz oak barrels which are stirred weekly to integrate and promote the harmony

Daily variations in Melbourne weather also contributed immensely to the final whisky profile. Barrels were diligently exposed to sunlight during hot days and then stored inside at low temperatures during nighttime to promote vacuum pressure inside the barrels. This unique barrel rotation regime advances the maturation ability of the whisky where firm tannins are brought into balance whilst preserving the malt aromatics.


– Ash Tosh Distiller & Winemaker

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