Celeste Noir Coffee & Cocoa Liqueur

"We created Celeste Noir for the sheer love of coffee & chocolate – and the challenge to elevate the experience of coffee itself. It took four years and 100+ blends to integrate roasted coffee beans with Dark Cocoa for a taste of virgin delights. The result? A liqueur that truly invokes the time of day when a coffee takes all the stress away and Cocoa releases the feel-good endorphins. One sip becomes 10 minutes of peaceful bliss.

Tasting Notes;

Sinful & Sweet for the most discerning coffee lovers.

Celeste Noir truly reinvents the taste, tranquillity and euphoria of drinking the mythical elixir of the gods. Developed on a whiskey base, Luscious and smooth, the full flavour and irresistible aroma of our organic Columbian coffee beans alone will make your palate sing. Heaps of Dark Cocoa will have you in bliss, while the almond and hazelnut hues seduce your tastebuds. You won’t help but fall in love with the luscious, creamy consistency that is unique to Celeste Noir. It’s a love affair you’ll be forgiven for.

Our meticulously handcrafted blend will take your appreciation of Coffee Liqueur to an entirely new level.


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