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Fable Cream & Honey Liqueur

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"Fable Cream came to life from a sweet and simple childhood memory.

As our maker Ash recalls: I remember drinking cardamom spiced milkshakes as a child. It's a delicious garnish of almonds, pistachios, cashews and rose petals inspired me to craft the perfect liqueur to enjoy with tea or coffee. Now you know why we call it ‘Fable' – it's the very thing that evokes childlike wonder and happiness in all of us. Inspired by age-old recipes from India and China, Fable is made up of a selection of ingredients handpicked for their temperament to play well with others. Like a cardamom-spiced milkshake, you can enjoy Fable neat, on ice or mixed with tea or coffee. Its poignant blend of whiskey and cream and will bewitch you… whatever your inclination.

Tasting Notes;

Seductive and smooth, treat yourself to the ultimate liqueur indulgence.

Our bewitching blend of whisky and cream, combined with the sweetness of caramel and honey, completely redefines liqueur as we know it. Fable is the provocative union of over a dozen exotic, natural ingredients, meticulously sourced from around the world, that ravish the palate and restore the soul.

Creamy, earthy, floral and nutty, just one taste will have you yearning for more.

Be tempted. Be ravished. Be captivated. Make Fable your bad habit.


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